Tuesday, August 11, 2009

I'm back

Dear... whoever reads this site anymore. I'm terribly sorry for such a long absence. It was a hellish end of the school year between the hard drive crash, back work, papers, coordinating events for things, and massive amounts of lost data. In case you hadn't guessed, we couldn't recover anything from my hard drive. But something good came out of this, I suppose. I now own an external hard drive and cannot stress enough the importance of backing your system up regularly.

So that explains my lack of blogging through June, and I would have been back sooner, but I so thoroughly exhausted myself the last few weeks of school that the mono I had when I was five managed to come back with a vengeance, meaning weekly doctor's visits to have blood drawn and lots and lots of sleeping until just this week, in fact. But here I am now with a reasonably clean bill of health, a few new pictures to share, and hopefully more pictures and stories to come.

In the upcoming weeks you can look forward to my enjoying the end of my life in the town I grew up in, as once I leave for school I won't be back except for the holidays until... well, I really don't know. Ever, maybe? But pictures of our downtown will be posted soon, and hopefully other parts of town as I get around to it. Following this will be Puerto Rico as I'm off to visit my boyfriend, and then I leave for London for three months, at which point this should turn into something of a travel blog with restaurants, sites, photos, locals, and my student-budget cooking in a tiny kitchen provided by student housing. Goodness this is going to be exhausting... Well. Here we go.

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