Friday, August 14, 2009

Aimie's Dinner and a Movie...Glens Falls, NY

Today let's talk about Aimie's.

Aimie's is a fun establishment downtown associated with the jazz bar, Wallabee's, behind it. There's one theater which seems to rotate between three or four fairly recent movies at a time, and inside are dinner tables with plush rolling chairs or large plush booths. Orders are taken before the movie and waitstaff move discreetly throughout during the film. The food is consistently good and reasonably priced, and portions are generous. I highly recommend the sweet potato fries with raspberry ketchup.

I again apologize for the lack of inside photos, and also for my rather stunted, detail-lacking review of the place. Honestly I hadn't intended to be giving reviews, or I would have paid more attention when I was there recently. Maybe. Or not, as my boyfriend was visiting and I doubt I would have ignored him to pay attention to all the nitty gritty details usually involved in reviewing places. Also, I promise that the city isn't paying me to tell you all how wonderful our downtown has become and how many fun things there are to do. It's simply really grown on me, and since I'm here for a few more weeks, you get to hear about all the things I'm going to miss.

And if you're interested in Aimie's, here's their website:

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