Tuesday, August 25, 2009

I wish...

...I was here. It was warm, beautiful, peaceful, and I miss it.This is Parque del Amor in Miraflores, Lima, Peru. Above is the statue "El Beso."

Here is a real-life "beso," and amorous couples can be spotted cuddling up all over the park.

These lovely railings decorated with mosaics run around the edge of the park overlooking the water. I'm particularly fond of the quotes running along the walls. The one near the kissing couple further up says "I undress you as if peeling fruit." You can translate the rest for yourselves. Have fun!

Monday, August 24, 2009


Bad things happen when I get busy. Like I forget to do laundry, clean, brush the animals, and write. I've managed to catch up on the other three, so here I am. I really have been busy, I promise. Friends have been leaving town and I wanted to catch up with them. I'm still working. And my sister's graduation party was this weekend. It was, in case you're wondering, quite a success. With the help of a couple of friends, I put together fruit and veggie platters, a pot of meatballs, bacon-wrapped parmesan cracker things and bacon cream cheese jalapeños (recipes courtesy thepioneerwoman.com), sandwiches, chex mix, and an amazing sour cream chocolate cake with cream cheese peanut butter frosting and chocolate peanut butter glaze (recipe from smittenkitchen.com). I failed to take pictures because people started eating before I had time to even think about reaching for a camera, and that cake... well... it was gone in about ten minutes.

So we've recovered from that, but things are still a bit crazy around here as we get ready to move my sister into her first year of college. I don't know how she feels, but I'm nervous, stressed, and incredibly excited. I know she's going to have a fantastic time and hopefully make a lot of friends.

And as a side note, since I'm still on my downtown Glens Falls kick, The Chocolate Mill just opened. I was there the day after their official opening and they didn't have their full menu up yet, just pastries, but oh my goodness. My father and I snagged some ham and cheese scones (the most moist, flavorful, wonderful scones I've ever had) and some sort of little apple pastry which was delightfully flaky and I'm pretty sure involved some sort of alcohol. And the carrot cake and cheesecakes they had on display were potentially the most beautiful examples of these pastries I've seen in I don't even know how long. Again, no pictures, since it was a quick breakfast before my father headed back to Massachusetts, but I will direct you to their website and suggest that if you're in the area you consider stopping by.


And now off to walk and brush the dogs before they scratch my legs off...

Friday, August 14, 2009

Aimie's Dinner and a Movie...Glens Falls, NY

Today let's talk about Aimie's.

Aimie's is a fun establishment downtown associated with the jazz bar, Wallabee's, behind it. There's one theater which seems to rotate between three or four fairly recent movies at a time, and inside are dinner tables with plush rolling chairs or large plush booths. Orders are taken before the movie and waitstaff move discreetly throughout during the film. The food is consistently good and reasonably priced, and portions are generous. I highly recommend the sweet potato fries with raspberry ketchup.

I again apologize for the lack of inside photos, and also for my rather stunted, detail-lacking review of the place. Honestly I hadn't intended to be giving reviews, or I would have paid more attention when I was there recently. Maybe. Or not, as my boyfriend was visiting and I doubt I would have ignored him to pay attention to all the nitty gritty details usually involved in reviewing places. Also, I promise that the city isn't paying me to tell you all how wonderful our downtown has become and how many fun things there are to do. It's simply really grown on me, and since I'm here for a few more weeks, you get to hear about all the things I'm going to miss.

And if you're interested in Aimie's, here's their website: http://www.aimiesdinnerandmovie.com/

Until next time.


Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Red Fox Books...Glens Falls, NY

This, dear readers, is Red Fox Books, our local bookstore:

It is notable because, until maybe five years ago, my small town had not had a bookstore of its own in years and years. We had begun discussing whether or not major book chains considered us illiterate. Perhaps they still do, as we don't have one. But we do have this wonderful locally owned shop which is now thoroughly integrated into the community.

It hosts book signings, readings by authors, book clubs, children's events, and various other get-togethers, and is a vital part of downtown events (because in our small city, we have downtown parties and holiday celebrations). Between its newsletter and that sent out by our local wine shop, also downtown, I manage to stay well-informed on all the various town goings-on despite living 800 miles away most of the year.

While small, Red Fox has a wonderful selection of books and will happily order anything they are not carrying at no charge. The owners, who are frequently manning the desk, are friendly and helpful. My sister is absolutely in love with the shop and spends rather more of her paychecks than she probably should there.

For anyone interested, their website is http://www.redfoxbookstore.com/.

Also, I apologize for a lack of indoor pictures, but I'm shy about taking photos without permission and even more shy about asking. It's something I'm working on.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Downtown... Glens Falls, NY

I'm back

Dear... whoever reads this site anymore. I'm terribly sorry for such a long absence. It was a hellish end of the school year between the hard drive crash, back work, papers, coordinating events for things, and massive amounts of lost data. In case you hadn't guessed, we couldn't recover anything from my hard drive. But something good came out of this, I suppose. I now own an external hard drive and cannot stress enough the importance of backing your system up regularly.

So that explains my lack of blogging through June, and I would have been back sooner, but I so thoroughly exhausted myself the last few weeks of school that the mono I had when I was five managed to come back with a vengeance, meaning weekly doctor's visits to have blood drawn and lots and lots of sleeping until just this week, in fact. But here I am now with a reasonably clean bill of health, a few new pictures to share, and hopefully more pictures and stories to come.

In the upcoming weeks you can look forward to my enjoying the end of my life in the town I grew up in, as once I leave for school I won't be back except for the holidays until... well, I really don't know. Ever, maybe? But pictures of our downtown will be posted soon, and hopefully other parts of town as I get around to it. Following this will be Puerto Rico as I'm off to visit my boyfriend, and then I leave for London for three months, at which point this should turn into something of a travel blog with restaurants, sites, photos, locals, and my student-budget cooking in a tiny kitchen provided by student housing. Goodness this is going to be exhausting... Well. Here we go.